Shaving Cream Egg Dyeing Technique

Shaving Cream Eggs

Shaving Cream Egg Dyeing Technique
You’ve probably seen shaving cream used for sensory play, but did you know it’s also a really cool way to dye eggs? It takes a little patience because the eggs have to dry overnight, but the effect is worth it!

You will need:

Hard boiled eggs
Shaving cream
Food coloring
Jelly roll pan or disposable pan
Paintbrush or pencil to swirl your colors
Cooking cooling rack
Paper towels

Place some paper towels beneath the cooling rack.

Fill a few areas on the pan with shaving cream. Sprinkle several drops of food coloring into each area (use a couple of colors in each area to create different color combinations).

Swirl the shaving cream and food coloring slightly; if you mix it too much, the effect will be lost.

Place your egg in the pan, and swirl the egg around until is is covered with colored shaving cream.

If the colors become overly mixed, just make another section, add food coloring and swirl again.

Using tongs, place coated eggs on the rack to dry overnight; the shaving cream will partially dry. Using a paper towel, rub off the dried shaving cream from each egg. Ta da!


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